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How to make 50-50 custody work

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2021 | Child Custody |

Some Maryland parents who are divorcing will opt for an arrangement in which they split custody time right down the middle. While this presents obvious challenges, this schedule can also be the most beneficial for the children. It is possible to make evenly split custody work well.

Try to stay on the same page

When parents split physical custody, it is more important than ever that they remain on the same page. They will need to communicate more than other parents since vital issues relating to the kids will arise. Communication is the key because the parents will share more responsibility. They can use technology to make sure that things are in writing to minimize the risk of miscommunication.

Plan for contingencies

Parents will also need backup plans. Things come up in life, and sometimes one parent cannot be with the child during their time. For example, the other parent may need to pick the child up from school. The parents will need to have their plan in place ahead of time to reduce the risk of friction. In other words, they should build flexibility into the custody agreement to account or contingencies.

Find the most effective communication method

Since communication is the most important thing, parents need to set their mode of communication ahead of time. Organizing the means of communication will reduce the opportunities for conflict. If parents have difficulty communicating in person, they should communicate over e-mail instead. If they have to communicate face-to-face, respect is essential.

Sharing child custody is not always easy, but parents can make it work. They need to exercise some forethought and planning to have the best chance of making this arrangement work. Much of it comes in the stage of formalizing the arrangements regarding the children.