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We are here to listen.

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Client Testimonials

Find out what our clients say about working with Diamant Gerstein, LLC.

“Sharon Diamant is professional, calm, fair, intelligent and experienced.”

“My sister was leery of lawyers and hesitated using another one. I observed Attorney Sharon Diamant up close and personal. Though not even her client Sharon answered my notes and phone calls and did this more than once. I was even encouraged to call more if I continued to have questions. Amazing! I was not even her client! Being inexperienced with lawyers I didn’t know what to expect. Sharon Diamant is professional, calm, fair, intelligent and experienced. It was a complicated case and one side refused to negotiate despite multiple attempts by Sharon. Having Sharon understand the complicated circumstances of the case as well as the client’s temperament and needs, allowed her masterfully to try and win both the case and the lifetime faith of her client. That is faith in Sharon’s legal expertise and commitment to win. During the breaks Sharon had us talking about our childhood relaxed while even engaging the ex in the conversation, who was relaxed as well…really. If I find myself in need of a lawyer in the future, Sharon is it!”

“I felt understood and I finally had someone to represent and fight for me!”

“Sharon Diamant, Esq., was a Godsend to me. I had 3 previous experiences with court and lawyers that left me with very little confidence in lawyers and our court system. I have an ex-husband (divorced 3 years ago) who continues to serve me with papers for nonsense motions and unwillingly I get dragged into court each time. To get a lawyer is very expensive and I was disappointed each of the 3 previous times with my lawyers. I decided to try a 4th time to find a lawyer who might understand and be able to represent me in a way that would get me a court order issued to protect me in future court appearances and might also discourage my ex from filing against me in the future. I needed desperately to stop him or at the very least, to discourage him from filing unnecessary court papers in the future. She was patient and helpful, said I could email anytime to ask her questions. Not only did Sharon’s thorough work result in a court order that will protect me if ever called to court in the future, but every single motion filed against me was dismissed! I was even awarded money for back children’s expenses as well as attorney’s fees! I was shocked at this result and it took me quite a while for these results to sink in. Sharon is excellent, knows her law, is on top of things and prepared for any possible outcome. In addition and not required, she is empathetic and patient and kind; she handled me and my case as I needed. I felt understood and I finally had someone to represent and fight for me! Thank you, Sharon and like I said already, you are a Godsend! I highly recommend Sharon Diamant, please call on her. She’s a great lawyer and you will not be disappointed.”

“We were well represented by a professional with a heart!”

“A member of my family a few years ago got himself into rather serious trouble with high risk driving habits. My wife and I were swamped with invitations from lawyers who wanted to work with us. We called several and received mail for at least 10-12 firms. Somehow, the letter from Sharon Diamant stood out. Her credentials were particularly impressive, especially her court experience and knowledge of any number of area judges and District Attorneys. As prospective clients, our fears slowly began to melt away. Sharon helped us to relax; and yet made us aware of just how serious these repeat offender charges really were. We were not going to settle for a some legal aid lawyer (public defender) and the “bum’s rush” that sometimes is meted out to those of limited means. Attorney Sharon immediately went to work, even before telling us her fee! This was one of the biggest surprises—her fee was reasonable and quite manageable! It would be wrong to say that we were “lucky”; it is more accurate to say we were well represented by a professional with a heart! Thanks Attorney Diamant, we’ve kept your number handy!”

“I cannot say enough good things about her.”

“Sharon represented my fiancé in his divorce. It was very nasty, the emotions were running extremely high and the kids were continually being dragged into the middle of everything. He switched attorney’s midway through the whole ordeal and the second that he retained Sharon things got better. She had such a calming effect. She was professional and empathetic at the same time, and always treated him like a person rather than a client. She was always easily reachable, she was prompt in her responses to his concerns and she managed his expectations very well. She genuinely cared about him and the kids and fought hard for their best interests. Since the divorce has finalized we have maintained a lovely friendship with Sharon. I have highly recommended her to friends who have retained her for other domestic issues and have come back to thank me for the referral and to sing her praises. I cannot say enough good things about her personally and professionally. She is a positively wonderful person and we are so grateful to have had her in our corner.”

“She was quick to respond whenever I texted her.”

“From the first time speaking with Sharon, she assured me that she would take great care of me and asked me not to worry because I was in good hands. This was my first time being charged with a DUI & DWI (BAC of a .15) along with about 4 other charges so I was naturally not able to be calm. She told me exactly what I needed to do prior to my court date, which was to begin with the alcohol classes, which I had started immediately. She was quick to respond whenever I texted her with any questions that I had. By the time my court date came around, I was able to wait outside almost the entire time that I was there, until it was my turn to face the judge of course. Sharon was inside negotiating my case with the prosecutor and would come out every few minutes to provide me with an update. Sharon was able to have my DUI charged dropped down to a DWI (lessor charge) and they gave me 1 point on my license for an illegal lane change, and ALL of my other charges were dropped. I pled guilty to the lessor charges and Sharon asked the judge for a PBJ. Because both my criminal and driving record was clean prior to this occurrence, the judge granted me the PBJ, but ended up THROWING OUT the probation all together!!!! I can’t thank Sharon enough for what she did for me. I will definitely refer her to anyone that is going through this type of a situation. She is simply THE BEST.”

“Sharon did a great job in listening to us.”

I hired Sharon Diamant to represent my mother-in-law in traffic court. It was a difficult case involving an overzealous police officer that wrote my mother-in-law a citation for reckless driving without speaking to her as a part of his investigation. Sharon did a great job in listening to us and fearlessly fought for my mother-in-law in court. She cross examined the police officer which helped reveal that he did not do his due diligence and stressed that he dragged an innocent woman through a very stressful legal process. I highly recommend Sharon Diamant!

“She added a sense of calm.”

“Sharon was hired to handle my child support/custody/divorce. She was extremely fair, professional, prompt, and kind. She added a sense of calm to a very tense situation, and I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone seeking an attorney for these issues. Typically, you will find that an attorney is crass or unfeeling about a case, subsequently prolonging a resolution. However, Sharon was very caring and made sure that issues were handled in a way that was fast and easy for all parties. I would highly recommend Sharon to any friends, family, or anyone else who is going through such a stressful and unfortunate situation; she will not disappoint.”

“She always has your best interests at heart.”

“Sharon diligently and intricately worked on my divorce/custody/child support case, by attentively focusing on defining both parties needs; and creating a logical/realistic, stress-free objectives for both parties. She is very fair; which is needed to expedite agreements, yet she always has your best interests at heart. I will definitely consult with Sharon for any future legal needs, as she comes highly recommended; and her reputation certainly precedes her. Thank you Sharon!”

“She’s very responsive and efficient.”

“I consulted with Sharon for a potential case and she was very honest about what legal grounds I have and what to expect of the result. She’s very responsive and efficient. I would definitely seek for her help should I ever came across any legal matters in the future.”

“Attorney Diamant was reassuring, poised, and strategic in court.”

“Attorney Diamant represented me in a civil claim filed against me. She and her partner are intelligent and knowledgeable attorneys who advised me on options aimed to save me unnecessary time, expense, and stress. They made significant efforts to settle the case in a reasonable manner. When their efforts were rebuffed, Attorney Diamant was reassuring, poised, and strategic in court. She exposed the lawsuit for the frivolous retaliation that it was, and the Judge dismissed the case. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Attorney Diamant and, were I to need anything in the future, she would be my first call.”

“She cared about me and my kids.”

“Halfway through my divorce/child support case I switched representation and hired Sharon. She inherited quite a mess but did a wonderful job of helping me finalize everything. She was extremely responsive, and managed my expectations very well. She has such a pleasant presence that even when some of the issues surrounding the custody of my children became emotionally intense she always managed to have a very calming and reassuring effect on me. She worked very politely and professionally with the other attorney even when it was proving to be difficult which enabled us to come to a settlement agreement rather than dragging things out in court.

“Throughout my case she really gave me the sense that she cared about me and my kids. Since my case she has kept in touch checking in on us just to say hello and see how things are going. I hired her as my attorney and she wound up being a very good friend.”

“She’s very assuring.”

“Sharon helped me through my divorce by being knowledgeable and caring. She’s very assuring and is passionate about her job. I would definitely recommend Sharon to anyone who needs legal help.”

“She was personable, friendly and very knowledgeable.”

“I had NEVER worked with or needed any legal counsel in my life until this year. I wanted out of a very long abusive marriage. Our first meeting I was hooked. She was personable, friendly and very knowledgeable. Sharon not only has become an excellent asset to my legal issues but a true friend. I was really left out in the cold. I didn’t have anyone to turn too. I knew nothing at all about law. I was taken in by Sharon and treated like I mattered. Finally!!!

“Even when she was so busy and or running into court she always texted me or called me back to tell me she will have time for me in a few minutes. It was so reassuring to know she was there for me throughout each and every step of the way. I felt very comfortable around her. I knew she wouldn’t share my thoughts or case with anyone. I can’t say enough amazing words about Sharon. Supportive is the word that jumps in my head immediately! She is TRULY the best! I would definitely recommend her for anyone that wants a divorce. She will meet with you. Talk to you. Tell you what happens next and hold your hand throughout the ordeal. She is there for you when no one else is.”

“She Is The Best There Is In Maryland.”

I was critically ill and couldn’t go to Maryland, yet a case was pending. Not a single one of the other “top notch” attorneys cared to take my case seriously, some were arrogant even rude. I called Sharon at 5:30 a.m., yes you read correctly, and within an hour she called me back. We began to work together non-stop, me scanning and sending her document after document and she preparing for court. By the time we were finished some attorneys whom I had left voice messages started to call me (calling way too late). Sharon and I won without me even having to show up. SHARON PULLED IT OFF WITHIN LESS THAN 24 HOURS. DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT SHARON AT ANY TIME, SHE IS THE BEST THERE IS IN MARYLAND.

“Words can’t express my sincere thanks.”

“Thank you is not enough to say Sharon. The successful outcome of my case could only happen with your level of expertise, knowledge and judgment. Words can’t express my sincere thanks, appreciation, and gratitude for the exceptional quality customer service and care you have always provided to me for so many years. I have received stellar representation and candidate straightforward legal advice from you. The character, integrity, thoughtfulness, patience, and attention to detail shown by you, Ms. Diamant is unmatched and I don’t know what I would have done if I were represented by any other attorney. Sharon, you are amazing. I’m glad this is over but I thank you for all the hard work and dedication you gave in representing me.”

“Sharon demonstrated great patience and concern.”

“I met Sharon in February 2011 when I was in court representing myself dealing with a domestic violence issue. I overheard her consulting with a client and was impressed with the manner in which she spoke to her about the proceedings. I asked her a couple of questions and she immediately looked over my paperwork and gave me some advice to help present my case. Sharon could tell I was filled with anxiety and fear and her words of confidence comforted me and allowed me to proceed in a successful manner.

“I hired Ms. Diamant to handle my domestic/divorce issues. My case was not a standard divorce as there were immigration issues intermingled and Sharon demonstrated great patience and concern for my well being throughout the process. Sharon would always seek the advice of others to make sure I was getting the proper advice and guidance. Even when we knew we were fighting an uphill battle Sharon stood by my side. I knew I had a friend beside me, always compassionate and giving hugs of support. I will appreciate her kindness and generosity always.”

“Sharon is not just my lawyer, she is my friend for life.”

“Meeting Sharon for the first time with her nice smile made me think that she is the lawyer for me. Sharon explains everything to you from the beginning until the end. At the end of meetings with Sharon she will always end the meeting with a hug and nice smile. Sharon is not just my lawyer, she is my friend for life. When Sharon states that she will take care of things, please believe her because it is true.”

“This wonderful woman takes her job seriously.”

“I would like to thank Sharon Diamant from the bottom of my heart. When I was facing Life plus 88 years in Jail, this woman was the only Lawyer that came to my side and provided me with comfort (from a legal point of view) the entire time I was in custody of the State. She not only kept me informed but she would also take the time to comfort those that love me dearly. Sharon is the ideal image of the word Lawyer because she performs her job in the same way many of the Armed Forces are taught, doing your job means going above and beyond, going that extra mile, not settling for anything less than what you are capable of doing.

“There are many people that claim to be good but Sharon’s actions have spoken louder than any scoff or monetary claim that other Lawyers though appropriate for the severity of my situation. This wonderful woman takes her job seriously because she has kept her integrity intact that many lose along the way. How can I rate a woman I respect and consider to be part of my family now Five stars when she deserves the sky? To quote a line from the diary of a strong young lady by the name of Anne Frank whom passed away in a Nazi Concentration camp at the age of 15, “Laziness may appear attractive but work gives satisfaction”. If you want a Lawyer with a great heart and common sense God gives man not to judge a book by its cover, then you will want Sharon T Diamant. I am living proof of how GREAT She Really Is.”

“Her worth to the legal profession is invaluable.”

“Sharon is dynamite. Not only is she a true professional, but she is also a kind-hearted woman. Her worth to the legal profession is invaluable. She is absolutely phenomenal. She has been a blessing to my family. I recommend, trust and support Sharon Diamant.”