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We are here to listen.

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A Family Law Firm Guiding Clients Through Child Support Issues

It is no secret that raising a child is expensive. Even families with dual incomes can struggle with the costs of child care, food, clothing, medical care and more. Finances become more strained when parents divorce or break up, but the financial needs of the children do not change accordingly. This is, quite simply, why child support is necessary.

Under Maryland law, both parents have a responsibility to financially provide for their children regardless of the status of their relationship or their ability to get along. If you are going through a divorce, custody dispute or any other family law matter, court-ordered child support may be a necessary component of the process. The attorneys at Diamant Gerstein, LLC, are ready to help you understand your rights and obligations regarding support and to advocate for a support award that is fair and sustainable for all parties involved.

Considerations When Calculating Child Support

As in most states, the process of determining child support amounts is based on a formula and can be altered by a judge, as needed. Considerations include:

  • The custody agreement (how much time each parent is allotted with the child)
  • The income of each parent
  • How many children need support
  • Any special medical or other needs that the children may have

The numbers that go into a formula don’t always tell the full story. As your attorneys, our job will be to ensure that the information used in the formula is accurate and that a judge is aware of any extenuating circumstances that could alter the amount of support a child needs or the ability of either parent to pay.

Seeking A Modification To Your Child Support Order

Circumstances change over time, and these changes could mean that a child support order is no longer adequate or no longer sustainable. If you or your co-parent have experienced a “material change in circumstances,” our attorneys can help you petition to modify the existing child support order. Conversely, if your co-parent is seeking a modification that you don’t believe is appropriate, we will help you present a strong argument to the court to deny the modification.

There Is No Substitute For Case-Specific Advice – Contact Us Today

You may not have an accurate idea of your anticipated child support obligations or expectations until you start digging into the details with the help of an attorney. Our firm is based in Rockville and serves clients throughout the surrounding areas of Maryland. To schedule your initial consultation, please reach out online or call 301-841-8443.