We are here to listen.

We are here to listen.

Former prosecutors. Experience. Results.We Are here to listen.

Experienced And Skillful Criminal Defense Representation

At Diamant Gerstein, LLC, we understand that good people sometimes make poor choices and that law enforcement sometimes makes mistakes. For both of these reasons and more, it is critical to contact a skilled defense attorney at the first sign of legal trouble.

When you contact our firm, you’ll work directly with Sharon Diamant, a veteran attorney with over 20 years of trial experience. As a former prosecutor, Sharon understands how the state builds criminal cases and the methods it uses to secure convictions. She will use that insider knowledge to help you craft a defense strategy that protects your rights and resolves your charges in the most favorable manner available.

Ready For Any Charge Or Violation, Large Or Small

The first step in resolving a criminal matter is to determine what you’re up against. Our firm helps clients contest nearly any criminal charge or legal violation, including those related to:

Even if an offense seems small, you cannot afford to ignore it, and simply pleading guilty may have larger consequences than you realize. Before you make any big decisions about how to respond, contact us to discuss your options.

Protecting The Rights Of Juveniles Who Have Been Criminally Charged

Some of the most vulnerable defendants are those under the age of 18. While Maryland has a separate juvenile justice system, some young defendants are charged as adults due to the seriousness of their alleged crimes. Even when a case is prosecuted in juvenile court, the treatment and the outcomes can vary widely based on whether or not the minor has good legal representation.

Sharon’s time as a prosecutor included two years prosecuting juvenile offenses. She has detailed knowledge of the many ways cases can be resolved, and she works tirelessly to help her younger clients protect their freedom and safeguard their futures.

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From our office in Rockville, Diamant Gerstein serves clients throughout Montgomery County and the surrounding areas of Maryland. To schedule your initial consultation, call us at 301-841-8443 or submit an online contact form.